American International Group Inc. (AIG) and the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) has signed a served as the Union's six football team Sponsored agreement, for a period of 5.5 years. 6 football team Cheap nfl jerseys from china and about five days to your country are: the All Blacks and Maori All Blacks, All Blacks Sevens, New Zealand Black Ferns (women "s fifteens), New Zealand Women" s Sevens and New Zealand Under 20. About the financial aspects of the sponsorship agreement were not disclosed.

American International Group's logo will be displayed in the front of the shirt, the black front of the shirt and shorts on the back of the four man team and two women's Wholesale Jerseys teams.

Bob Benmosche, President and CEO of American International Group, said: "This brand of American International Group, with the legend of the All Blacks rugby team, very competitive and the brilliant record of the New Zealand Rugby Union team as well as around the world enthusiasm Rugby fans are closely related, AIG, NZRU rugby is a great opportunity. "

NZRU CEO Steve Tew said the sponsorship of the American International Group, will give New Zealand rugby to bring about change, and New Zealand's rugby career to a new height with worldwide, "he said, the Nfl Jerseys Cheap sport needs flourish at the community level, such as New Zealand be possible to continue to produce world-class championship teams and top players.

The new logo on the All Blacks team jersey is not our easy step by step - we respect this extraordinary team rich and proud heritage, and will carefully weigh its changes. Eventually, American International Group sponsorship will be an unprecedented opportunity, but also to maintain the best choice of the future development of the New Zealand rugby career and even global football career. "

Earlier, AIG has also served as the title sponsor of American Cheap Nfl Jerseys football men's and women's junior team and NCAA football team.