As the fans chanted we are going we are going to Brazil Jozy Alitdore showed why the US deserved that chant as the US won 1-0 and became 5 points clear of nearest team in they're group.

            At the beginning of this qualifying campaign Altidore was nowhere to be found however, when he played for his team AZ Alkmaar he scored a record 31 times the most ever by an US player when playing overseas. At the beginning of June the US and Altidore had a goal which was to take 7 points out of a possible nine, out of the next three qualifying games. Before the two qualifying games the US had played two friendlies in that you could not judge how they were going to perform in the qualifying games. However one thing that you were able asses was Altidore because when he got that goal to break his streak of going two years without a goal he became the Altidore from Alkmaar.

            In the game against Jamaica, Panama, ad Honduras the  US were able adapt to changes as the game went on and because of that they were able to take all nine points. The players that proved that are deserving of staying on the team for next matches were Brad Evans, Fabian Johnson, and Jermaine Jones. As for the MVP of these games it has to able Alitdore because from start to finish he was a force to be reckoned with.

            Going to the summer" Altidore says with the points we got out this round we have one foot into Brazil". Lastly going into the next round of games still one question remains do they need Donovan at the moment,No, but the question is how can you not have the best American Soccer player of all time on your roster when he is healthy.