Shreveport LA, 11-APR-2013 - Alpha Security Concepts is pleased to announce that security camera systems for businesses are available from the firm. The prices have moved steadily downward, while at the same time, there are many new features available. The improvements in Shreveport home wireless security monitoring include the ability of monitoring offices, businesses or homes from a mobile device or computer. All that is necessary is an internet connection.

According to a spokesperson for the company, speaking in a recent interview session, "These days, people like to use technology in any way that they can in order to make their lives easier and more convenient. But with advancements in cell phone technology that have occurred over the course of the last few years, people are now beginning to take advantage of the fact that they can now monitor their homes and businesses in real time through the use of cell phone security camera monitoring."

He continues, "Long gone are the days of having to wait to review security camera footage after the fact. Now, it can be done live and through the convenience of a cell phone, making security for any business or residence stronger than ever. You can even turn off the lights, check the temperature and much much more with the new home automation systems found in the new high tech security systems."

There are several ways in which a business or homeowner can establish this type of Shreveport home wireless security monitoring system. It will be necessary to buy surveillance cameras which can broadcast or sync with a mobile device. They are becoming more common today and may soon be part of the standard components in surveillance equipment. The mobile device or smart phone must be compatible.

Setting up the equipment is relatively easy to do. The instructions are user-friendly. Usually an application must be downloaded to the mobile device so that the live stream can be sent from the camera.

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