AK-47 handguards are among the components of stock set provided by gun accessories manufacturers. Such manufacturers sell such a set to individuals who intend to upgrade their weapons. This comes with guidelines of removing the existing elements as well as installing the new one. In case you do not understand how to do the replacement through reading the instruction, it is advisable to liaise with your supplier for better understanding. Many suppliers offer installation services to their customers who are not competent of doing it by themselves.

Basically, anyone carrying out the installation should have tools such as screwdriver, an electric powered drill, sand paper and a wood file. The screw driver is meant for fixing screws to hold butt stock and grip into position. The power drill will be used with the appropriate bit, according to the size of hole required, for installation of parts such as shim.

Some of the compulsory elements for a stock set as per international standards include pistol grip, butt stock, lower and upper hand guards. Butt plate and a sling shivel are the two major elements of the butt stock . Butt stock shims are packet if the customer requests for such as they are not part of what is packed by the manufacturer. The grip is accompanied by the fasting elements which consist of a nut, bushing, washer and a screw.

It is very important that you make sure that the gun has no load prior to the dissembling process. The butt stock will become loose once the tang screws are loosened. Carefully lift the lever on the right hand side carefully by use of a pair of pliers so that the upper hand guard can be removed.

When installing the new stock, you are supposed to check whether the butt stock fits well before proceeding. In case it is protruding, you will have to do some filing so that it fits well. Enclose shims are recommended in filling the void in situations where the stock is loose.

The guard for the upper side is fixed by rotating it for ninety degrees while holding the gas tube in its place. The lower guard is set up by first inserting the rear portion into the lower receiver and ensuring it is seated all the way to the base. The adjacent lever, which act like a lock, is forced to its place after pushing the front casing so that it is in contact with the guard.

When testing your finished gun, you are supposed to do so in accordance to the rules and regulation that has been put in place to ensure your safety and that of others. It is wrong to have your weapon lying somewhere unattended since it may be misused by another person. Always unload your gun at the time of storing which is done by emptying any magazine or cartilage that could have remained after use.

Quality AK-47 handguards are light in weight at the same time giving the required strength. The manufacturer should be keen on his products such that all sets he releases are easy to fix with less or no need for adjustments. Make sure you have the right set before leaving the supplier store.

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