“The person I would like to thank the most is my dad Paul Lees. We lost him in this past November to cancer and without him and his constant support he gave me every day for racing and anything else he saw I liked, I wouldn’t be who I am today. He helped make me the racer and person I have become.”

Last season, Alex Lees had a successful season as he finished third in points at Peterborough Speedway and seventh in points at Kawartha Speedway.

“I see it as a very successful and an important year to me,” he says. “I learned more last year than I had the previous years of racing combined and I had some amazing times with great people, I started the year off with a goal of a feature win and gaining improvement every night no matter what it took as long as it was possible. I found I had a driver that allowed me to push myself to do better and in the end, it worked out awesome.”

Last year had its memorable moments, including Lees winning his first ever feature at Kawartha on July 8th and then winning the feature at Peterborough the next day.

Lees plans to once again run both the full schedule at Peterborough and Kawartha.

“I would like to try and have a good season this year right from the starts as previous years, I was struggling at the start,” he says. “I would like to give my strongest shot for a championship this year and continue to get myself noticed.”

Lees also won a McColl Shootout Series event feature event last year, and will be back this year to run the series again at Sunset.

“I had a blast last year running at Sunset,” he says. “The track is a wicked track to race on and run very well there. I have a lot of fun travelling up there and will be looking forward to making an appearance at the Shootout races.”

For the success last season and going into this season, Lees would like to say thanks to his dad, among other people.

“I would like to thank my twin brother Nick Lees for supporting me as much as he could without taking too much time away from his racing,” he says. “My older brother Geoff, sister Kate, and mother Sandy for all their help and support. Daryl Fice, Darren Fice, and the rest Fice family for all their help as they contributed a lot last year as well as Dwight Lavoie. And all my sponsors, British Empire fuels, Patricks Tire, Nahma Lodge Marine, Rosedale Marine, Vinyl Kreationz, Bill Austin Accounting, Dr. Sommerville, David Gowanlock. Thank you all for everything.”

Lees, a current student at UOIT taking automotive engineering, got started in racing through his older brother Geoff.

“He ran/runs the enduros at Peterborough Speedway and this will be the tenth year if we get the track out on track,” he says. “Ever since I was a part of his crew, that first race day, I loved it – the environment, the noise – just everything. So my father Paul Lees allowed my brother and me when we were old enough to get cars and build the cars with him. He supported me through it all and without him, I wouldn’t be racing or be where I am today. Dad saw my passion for racing that overpowered anything else that just grew every time I was at the track. The fact of going hard as you can in the corner, on the verge of out of control, driving so close to other cars and battling so hard for the sweet glory from the roar of the fans and the checkered flag.”

Racing at Peterborough Speedway all year, he got the chance to race a lot against Daryl Firce, whom he calls his favourite competitor to race against.

“Every night he would create such a battle with me just to make the night more interesting for the both of us, who is going to do better than the other one tonight,” he says. “As well as the fact that he and his father Darren Fice helped and taught me so much about racing that helped me exceed last year as I went by myself to the track.”

To someone who’s looking to getting into racing, Lees don’t take racing as serious as a job, but a place to get away to.

“A place you want to be at no matter what and go out and have fun out there, as well as try your hardest,” he says. “And know when you can drive the car on the trailer at the end of the night, it’s a good night.”

Outside of racing, Lees likes fixing and building racecars and playing all kinds of sports, such as hockey, snowboarding and snowmobiling.