Tucson, AZ-

    The Wildcats defense, so strong all season, could not keep up with the passing game of the battle tested Beavers from Corvallis. Nick Foles tried to do his part, with over 400 yards passing, but in the end, Ryan Katz of the Beavers was able to find the speedy Oregon State receivers when it mattered most, particularly in the first half-- and the 'Cats fell 29-27. What doomed Arizona was its inability to make a key stop, especially of Jacquizz Rodgers. It was almost as if he just appeared out of behind the line and then just slipped through numerous Wildcat defenders before being brought to the ground. While it sounds negative in terms of the Wildcat defense, the offense was able to do a number of good things, espcially in the 2nd half. They got the run game going, and Juron Criner showed that he truly is an All-American, with 12 catches for over 150 yards. While many say that Arizona was finally exposed, I disagree. I think that playing TCU and Boise State made Oregon State a great football team. While James Rodgers was lost for the season, I think they will find a playmaker. And Mike Riley has shown that he has a knack for developing talent, and truly is a great coach. It really is a 4 horse race for the Pac-10 title this year (Oregon, Stanford, Arizona, Oregon State).

Next week the 'Cats travel to Pullman to take on the Cougs of Washington State. This game has DANGER written all over it. Arizona really needs to focus as these next 3 games are very key for the Cats to stay in the Race for Pasadena. I applaud the Beavers for their excellent victory over the Cats, and to Arizona: dont let this get you down, you are STILL a very, very good football team. BEARDOWN!