To say that Mike Shula had a rough time in his tenure as Alabama head coach would be a huge understatement.

During his four years at Alabama, Shula became the person to blame for everything, and I mean Everything.

Not only was Shula the reason Alabama could not get the ball near the end zone, but for Alabama fans, Shula became the person to blame for Polloution, High Gas Prices, and of course, Global Warming.

You could say he deserved all this blame following season after season of mediocrity, including four straight losses to Auburn. When he was fired after the 2006 season, Shula left with an horrendous record,to Alabama standards, of 26-23.

Well things just got worse for the coach.

Thanks to the wins that were vacated by the NCAA's ruling following the text book scandal, Shula's record decreased to a dismal 10-23.

Just when you though Shula had lost his last game...