In case it hasn't been said enough, Happy New Year to all!  I know I have been mostly absent since around December 20th.  As my daughter and I were both off for the holidays, I found myself completely wrapped up in her charm and spending time with my wonderful family and friends.  Any spare time was spent trudging my basketball team through the holiday practices and tournaments. 

I have read a few articles here and there.  Some great ones here, thanks to Larry and Will, and across the Mets blogosphere. 

It appears that Metsblog has done their annual purging of loyal commenters.  They always survive and as Cerrone says, the comment section doesn't drive a major blog like his.  I do believe he is most likely feeling the latest move a little more than normal as it appears that AA and MMO are both being flooded with loyal Metsblog readers.  But as I said, they will survive.  But what about TRDM, will it survive another year?

This will be the 6th season covered by TRDM.  Through the years we have seen our ups and downs.  We have seen great authors such as Gravedigger fall off the map.  Man do we still miss him.  We have brought in great young authors such as Connor O'brien and helped give him a much deserved push.  We have seen MR. NJ a great tech and design guy leave (side note, I will always be reminded of his tireless efforts each time my team puts their uniforms on as he designed the logo!).  This past year has been difficult.  Due to their busy lives, Matt and James turned over the sole ownership of the blog to me.  However, just as they experienced,I have found it very difficult to find time to juggle being a father, husband, employee, coach and blog owner.  Again, we have been blessed to have authors committed to carrying that load.  

One attempt that I am making and I am committed to is the use of the TRDM Forum.  While it's interface isn't as clean as Disqus, I am working on ways to integrate the forum more into the main page of the site.  Why?  Because I believe that for TRDM to survive, it has to be carried by it's very vocal loyal comment section.  

Twitter has changed the blogging industry just as blogging has changed the Newspaper industry.  When TRDM started, I could send out a flyer looking for writers and would instantly get 20 new authors chomping at the bit to tell their story.  Now, if they want their story told, they either design their own blog, or more likely turn to Twitter where 1,000's of Mets fans await their short and to the point comments on the Mets. 

So now we try to find ways to adjust.  While I still enjoy commenting, writing a quality article has become very difficult for me.  After 6 years, I am often out of ideas and just push something out for desire not to let TRDM die.  I refuse to clickmonger like so many sites, seeking attention by posting constantly negative or controversial titles just to create a hostile atmosphere that generates clicks, so what is TRDM to do?

Turn back to suggestions from the loyal group that has turned into a group of friends that I would miss tremendously if it were gone.  

So today, as I reflect on the past and look to the new year, what does the future hold for my family here at TRDM?