I'm listening to local sports talk radio right now, we're all talking about AH.  There's a caller on right now who's really tapped into gang life and prison life here.  He just got finished with an 8 year stretch in state for running guns for gangs.  He knows Hernandez-who goes by the name "Chino" on the streets-well from that life.  

He says he's a "solid guy" who doesn't rat, does what he needs to do, and can take care of himself.  He says back in the day he was a Latin King, who spent time in the Springfield/Holyoke area.  He says after AH moved to Bristol, the LK's are VASTLY outnumbered in Bristol, so he became what they refer to here as a "transformer" and switched allegiances, becoming a Bristol Blood.  He says this is evidenced by his tattoos: a lion for the Latin Kings, and then "M.O.B." for "Member of Blood".

He says that AH will do fine in state prison, but if he spends any time in Bristol County he'll have a rough time.  Bristol County is apparently full of what they call "five point gang" members, and AH is part of a 6 point gang.  Once the trial is through however, he'll go to Walpole and spend 3-4 years in max (required for first degree murder charges in Mass) and then likely move on to a gen pop prison where he'll do just fine as he'll be surrounded by fellow gang members, and treated like a celebrity by the guards.  He says he'll spend probably 6-8 years there minimum before being moved into a less restrictive prison, as he'll likely have to carry out some jobs here and there and spend time in the hole.

Just a bunch of really interesting stuff about him coming out.  this guy is apparently exactly what he appears to be; a gang banger who doesn't take anyone's shit.  He'll be right at home in prison as long as he's not surrounded by enemies.  I thought my readers would be interested in knowing this.