Thursday morning was supposed to be a morning to celebrate. I, wanting to be part of history, trekked my way to ESPN Zone for the festivities and to witness what most thought was a sure thing. Sadly, December 2nd, is a day that will live in infamy... for soccer fans.

Where were you when the United States lost the World Cup for 2022?

I was standing in front of a giant scene in complete disarray. Confused; wondering if this was a dream or not. We lost the World Cup bid... to Qatar. 


Do they even have a soccer team?! Surprisingly, they do. Unfortunately, they are ranked 113 in the FIFA ranks.

Qatar will be the worst team to ever host the World Cup. Qatar will also be the worst country to support the World Cup tourist and athletes.

During summer, the temperature raises to well over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat related emergencies will skyrocket. 

This is less of an article, and more of a rant. I'm still upset.

As I exited ESPN Zone I was chosen for a radio interview in I said, "This is very disappointing. I've been dumped by my girlfriend, but that pales in comparison to this. This is more heart breaking."

Fun fact: Al Jazeera tweeted that Qatar won the 2022 bid 10 minutes before the announcement was made. Just food for thought.