If you have recently acquired the new iPod, there is little doubt that you are enjoying its robust capacity for storing musical tracks. However, it is just as possible to lose all those tracks you love through an accidental delete. If this happens, do not panic as you can easily have it all back by taking advantage of easily available lost music iPod touch applications on the web.

The applications used to recover lost tracks on Apple devices have many similarities with others used for data recovery on other forms of storage. Indeed, Apple uses a format similar to others employed on a host of electronic devices to sort the musical records. As such, the only unique feature of the tools is that they must offer an effective interface between your device and the computer.

On the Internet, you can never run short of offers about effective solutions to recover all the files you have lost. Admittedly, a large number of such offers are genuine and effective but you may not be able to tell which ones are malware bugs that will destroy your computer. The best policy is therefore to only download programs offered on trustworthy sites.

Most software download websites offer the solution packaged as a compressed file folder. Often you will find different versions designed to suit various operating system platforms. This is because users with Mac OS computers will need a different version of the software to those with say Windows based systems or those running Linux workstations.

After the download completes, you can now connect your device to the PC. The best way to achieve this is via a high speed USB connection or tethering. Taking into consideration that only the device's secondary memory will be accessed; there is no need to install special device drivers. Moreover, the device does not have to be necessarily switched on for the procedure to run smoothly.

You should now extract the restoration files from the compressed folder you just downloaded. If you are running a Microsoft Windows computer, the filename you should search for is "Run.bat" while Mac OS and Linux based system label the executable file as "Run.sh". You may be prompted to accept the conditions of use before proceeding with the install.

After the installation has completed, go to the main interface and look for a command button or other input control named "Recover my Files". Click this and in the subsequent dialog specify where the application should search for the files. You may also opt to search for files in a specific format only (video or audio for instance).

The application will take some minutes to return the search results. Against every returned result, the lost music iPod touch application will give a check box. You can check only the files you want restored and ignore the rest or use the button named "check all" to select all the files returned in the results. Click OK or "Recover these files" and you will have all your favorite songs once more.

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