World of tanks the most amazing game available on internet it is a free-to-play web game. This game is now on the peak of popularity. World of tanks game has their name in Guinness World Record. The game has actually record on 23 January 2011 because of the majority of online individuals on one MMO server. At that time there are 91,311 players on the game's Russian server. The record was beaten by this business just on 13 April 2012 by European server throughout anniversary where individuals have code to gain access to premium account for a day. There are recoded around 3, 05,000 variety of players.

Around 45,000,000 players around the world signed up for this to obtain his perks. Once again the record was beaten by its Russian server by 5, 00,000 simultaneous online players. The beating of record is on track now also this game has millions of online users. That’s why I have said it is the most amazing game and loved by most all the game lovers.

In this game you have to show team leading quality, or commandeering quality for tanks. 


This game is a simulation game which means you are not alone playing the game you are playing with thousands of players all over the world. You have to show your bravery while fighting. This game is really amazing and has very exciting features that is graphics as well as realistic combat. 


This game has the worlds largest tank from all over the world. This game offers you the tank from France, Soviet Union, Britain and USA. Tanks are all distinct in there features and many are familiar to the players.


For instance world of tanks tech trees, German tanks have the feature of tech tree for the mighty tiger tank. This game also provides bonuses and credits after the end of every level your weapons are updated, equipments are upgraded which motivate you to play further.  



World of Tanks Tanks


The world of tanks offers following tanks- Light tank, Heavy tanks, Medium Tanks, SPG’s and Tank Destroyers.


Every tank in the game features many different skills and abilities. It is this feature which makes them fit for different types of jobs on the battlefield.


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