FINALLY!!  The A-Rod saga surrounding him and steroids seems to have finally come to an end….for now at least.

Arbitrator Fredric Horowitz handed down his final decision on A-Rods appeal of his 211 game suspension.  A-Rod has been suspended for the entire 2014 season including the playoffs, assuming the Yankees get there. 

Call it a gift, a victory whatever you would like but this is definitely a victory for the Yankees now and in the long run.  First off, the Yankees have the ability to add more players and secondly, it takes away any distraction that he may have brought to the team. 

You know one player who is happy about this ruling is Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka.  With A-Rods $25 million off the books the Yankees now have the ability to outbid most teams in the sweepstakes.

Now back to A-Rod.

He talks a lot about what this has done to his legacy. Let’s be honest since he admitted steroid use a few years ago his legacy was tarnished from that moment on.  He has lied before about using steroids only to come out at a later point in time and admit to PED use. 

What’s to say that when he went on Mike Francesa’s radio show, after he stormed out of his arbitration hearing, that he was telling the truth. Now I could be wrong with that statement but to me it seemed like a repeat of when he lied about steroids in the past.

He has stated many times that any suspension that was handed down would be fought in a federal court.  Now I’m not great with the legal aspects of things but to my knowledge once an arbitrator makes a final decision its final and binding, thus leaving no more action to be taken.  Again, I could be wrong.

To be honest I didn’t see the hearing process lasting this long, I thought it would have been closer to the start of the new year but regardless of that, now the Yankees can move forward and look for a new third baseman for this season and move forward with Tanaka and other free agents. 

The Yankees still need to solidify their bench, rotation and bullpen.  With A-Rods decision today the Yankees save approximately $25 million this year and in theory go after a guy like Grant Balfour or Michael Young and put the highest bid on Tanaka. This gives them clarity at third base for this year, knowing A-Rod will not be a part of the team

Stay tuned folks.  Now that the decision has been handed down (for now), the Yankees can continue building a championship caliber team for 2014.