Sometimes I feel bad that the less popular sports at the Universityof Iowa don't get more coverage. It's not that I don't want to coverthem more on this site. Hell, I would write about the Hawkeye Chessteam if I had the time. But, time is limited and this site doesn'texactly pay the bills yet, so I cover what I can...which, most of thetime, is Football, Basketball and Wrestling.

Since it'sSunday, and I need a break from work, I thought I would take theopportunity to do a write-up of some other, lesser blogged about sportsat Iowa. And the motivation for this post had nothing to do with thehot picture of tennis player Merel Beelenon the home page of Hawkeye Sports. It also had nothing to do withlistening to the men's basketball team put on a turnover clinic againstIndiana.

Hawkeye Women's...

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