Last week, MLB Trade Rumors posted a story about extension negotiations between Morales and his club, the Seattle Mariners, never getting serious. At the end of the post, was a bit about how Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports stated an article that a reunion between the Angels and Kendrys Morales may be possible. This past offseason, the Angels trade Morales to the Mariners for starting pitcher Jason Vargas, a deal that was mutually beneficial for both organizations.

There has been a lot of talk about where Morales will play in 2014. There were even whispers of an August waiver deal that would bring Morales back to Anaheim. This subject, however, has been met with a very good question: What about Albert Pujols and Mark Trumbo?

One can argue that Trumbo is still the odd man out in the Angels' lineup, and trading his power for starting pitching may be inevitable. Another argument that has been raised is that Morales is better at getting on base, and when 100%, can often hit like a switch-hitting Mike Trout. Those are good arguments. Morales wouldn't have to play 150 games either because of his ankle. He'd probably be the full time designated hitter with Pujols remaining at first base and Josh Hamilton in the outfield, with either one DH'ing when Morales needs a day off. 

The Angels need starting pitching and bullpen depth. But this may not be a bad move at all, especially if it takes dealing Trumbo to fill those dire needs. What Rosenthal reported was speculation, but it is an intriguing idea.