Yesterday, I decided to head down to Commonwealth for the morning pratice session today (at 8 AM good thing I can stand to get up at that time haha), and here's what went down...

-Nichols and Masoli looked sharp today, Nichols was very impressive throwing on the run he hit Nate Cooehorn a few times on the sidelines.

-Running Back Cory Ross looked good in his 2nd day at camp he took a solid pop from Lee Robinson but popped back up and showed that he can be a speedy running back, going to be an interesting battle in the backfield with 4 backs in camp. 

-Things got testy as o-lineman Brian Ross started pushing and shoving with D-lineman Ted Laurent but cooler heads would prevail.

-DB Michael Ricks played well made an INT off of Kerry Joseph.

-Calvin McCarty looked good today, hitting the holes and reading his blocks well, most likely will be the starting RB this season.

-Ronnie Prude looked well also getting himself an interception good chance he ends up as TJ Hill's back up at Linebacker.

Interview with Cory Ross

Interview with Nate Cooehorn

That's all for now I'm Avry and I'm out, as always follow me on twitter @Avry .