Jeremy M.YANCSSBA look at the predicted keys: Hold the Tigers under 70 possessions (Actual Value: 68. Well done.) Outrebound the opposition (Pack wins here 30-25. Even "weller" done!) Turn it over only five times less than Clemson (Both teams with 11. And in a razor close game, one turnover could have made a difference) What I didn't see coming: Clemson shooting 60% in the first half. It's not like these were all layups either. What can you do? The discovery of the lineup that Coach Lowe has been looking for. If Mays/Degand/Wood/Howell/Smith don't start against Duke, I'm rushing the court. So we've seen this team go 1-1 against top 25 ACC teams this week. Is this a team that can beat the middle of the league?

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