As I was going through an Illinois forum today, being the 15-year old I am, I came across a forum that looked very interesting.

The title of the thread was "New Illini Uni's via Nike Fourm."

Of course, we all know kids my age are all about the new trends and styles of our world, and I wanted to see exactly what these uniforms looked like, and if they looked sexy.

I wasn't disappointed.

Now, this is truly the dream uniform.

I am so in love with this, I would even take it over any Oregon uniform you throw at me, or over the new jerseys Miami pulled out against Virginia Tech this weekend.

What's the best part?

Easily the helmet.

The design of the helmet is ridiculous, and I think the chief logo mixed with white looks awesome. (But, that's where the real-ness stops; Illinois is not allowed to have the chief logo on their uniforms.)

The jersey part of the uniform is very common among college teams, so those don't stand out.

But the blue/orange mix of the jersey and pants mixes very smoothly. Plus, the three stripes on the pants look pretty good as well.

This uniform will not happen, but I just thought I would share with you what I take as a pretty good design.

Maybe someday, if Illinois is able to incorporate the chief in their sports programs again, this could become reality.

But for now I'll just enjoy looking at it, and seeing what everyone else thinks.

**I want to make it clear that I know these are not real, and just to make up for fun.

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