Television viewing is not the same since the advent of TV software. No longer do you have to pay to view your favorite channels. They are offered free by many companies. Service varies, but watching on your TV or laptop is now a very popular way to viewing enjoyment. It is no longer like it was in the past.

With the new viewing options, there are tens of thousands of free channels. Some are of better quality than others, and there are some for every interest. Some channels require payment for viewing, but they don't appear to be any better quality, even though sales claims say they are.

The internet is the mode of delivery for these channels. The quality and speed of the connection is a big determinant of how good the reception is. A high speed connection that doesn't drop signal with give a much better quality viewing. You won't have to wait for buffering, or lose you picture altogether. A lower quality, slower speed service will give much poorer viewing.

Not all providers are created equal. The availability of providers of the software and channel access is almost astronomical, with new ones appearing every day. This makes it important to choose a company that has been in business for some time, and thus has a proven track record. Also, be sure that they have legal access to the channels they offer, and that there are no hidden charges.

There are pros to this type of viewing. One plus is the ability to have a much wider selection of channels than can be had with cable or paid satellite companies. There are tens of thousands of free channels offered by almost any of the providers. Also, being free, you don't get tied to a monthly fee for viewing enjoyment. You can also view on-the-go with a laptop and internet access. Installation of the software is simple, with good instructions for the most part. Channels are categorized for easier selection.

As with anything, there are a few negatives as well. Channels change periodically, some even disappearing, since they are provided free. You may have a favorite channel that just is gone in the future. Viewing quality is directly dependent on internet quality, so that can be a variable. Some computers may not be compatible with the software, and there is usually not technical support to help you get things up and running, which means you are totally responsible for getting things going.

Though there are some negatives to this service, it is still a good deal for the most part. It is free, and as internet technology improves, it makes for better viewing. There is not need to depend on the high-cost cable and satellite providers, helping to control spending in the family budget. With the high cost involved in paid services, this can make a big difference.

With increasingly better internet connections, viewing with free TV software becomes even better. The fact that it is free makes it even more appealing. The huge selection of channels available makes it even easier to get satisfaction in your viewing needs.