Have you ever taken the time to actually look at the Angels' payroll to see where their money is going and what their players actually make? Well, in case you haven't, or if you have but are taking an interest in my take, here is a quick look at the team's payroll. Fans will be quite surprised to see just how much the Angels are not spending, despite all the hype and fear spreading around about some of the enormous salaries Angels owner Arte Moreno is paying them.

First, let's take a look at the five highest salaries on the 2013 Angels' roster:

Josh Hamilton: $17 million

Albert Pujols: $16 million

Jered Weaver: $16 million

CJ Wilson: $11 million

Howie Kendrick: $8.75 million

Notice anything missing? If you didn't think of Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo, then it's time to pay closer attention. Here's a few salaries for some of the Angels' youngest players, who just happen to be producing far beyond the money they're making:

Mark Trumbo: $540,000

Mike Trout: $510,000

Kole Calhoun: $491,000

In 2014, the players I listed with guaranteed contracts is like this:

Albert Pujols: $23 million

Josh Hamilton: $17 million

Jered Weaver: $16 million

CJ Wilson: $16 million

Howie Kendrick: $9.35 million

The big concern is not just how much money is being paid to Hamilton and Pujols, it's also the significant raises that will go to Trumbo and Trout, among several other salaries below $10 million. The monkey on the Angels' back is Vernon Wells' salary. But his contract expires after 2014. Right now, that's $18 million dollars that will open up and accommodate all raises for the highest paid veterans on the club.

I'll get to the point now...

The average salary between Hamilton, Pujols, Trumbo, and Trout is roughly only $8.5 million dollars. 

Now, take a second to assess the numbers for all four players this season. Of course, that $8 million number is not an excuse for the players or the organization from Pujols and Hamilton not living up to their salaries; however, having good younger players producing balances things out as a whole. 

As easy as it is to panic about the money being paid to Hamilton and Pujols, fans should find comfort in what they're getting from their true centerpiece, who is being paid almost league minimum right now. By the time Mike Trout is eligible for free agency, several contracts will expire, and the last year of Hamilton's contract will be the first year of Trout's free agent deal... If he signs with the Angels.

The bottom line is that the Angels still have the money, and they will continue to have the money. Even with struggles from certain veterans, the production they're getting balances out on the field, and on payroll. The front office just needs to make better decisions regarding their pitching. And I don't think that will cost a boat load of money. The big names are in place, so regardless of the Angels' economic situation, they have plenty of room to focus on pitching this offseason.