Ph or potential of hydrogen is the measure of how acidic or alkaline a given solution is. It is measured on a scale of one to fourteen. The greater the value the greater is the alkalinity and vice versa. The midpoint is at 7 and this corresponds to the value allocated to a neutral solution. Anything above this is regarded as being alkaline and anything less than 7 is acidic. The blood that circulates in the body is slightly alkaline. It has been demonstrated that there could be a relationship between ph balance and cancer.

Cancer occurs as a result of disordered growth of cells that interferes with the normal physiological processes. The main cause is believed to be a mutation in genes that regulate cell growth. A number of risk factors have been identified. They include, among others, heavy smoking and alcohol consumption. There are familial types that are passed on by way of inheritance. Still, a number of them start even without any demonstrable risk factor.

Treatment is aimed at reducing or removing all the abnormal cells. There are three main modalities that are used and these include surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. These may be used either singly or in combination depending on the site and the type of tumour. Inoperable tumours are often treated palliative in which case the objective is to improve the quality of life of the affected individual.

Acidic environments or a low ph is thought to favour abnormal cell proliferation. It facilitates the metabolism of glucose and production of lactic acid by these cells. The effect of this is a further decrease in the ph resulting in a vicious cycle. In such an acidic environment most body enzymes shut down and become inactive which in turn affects normal physiology. Energy production is reduced and is cell repair and detoxification. Affected persons tend to be chronically fatigued and suffer from recurrent illnesses.

Increased acidity is experienced in a number of circumstances. Sugary foods, meat and soft drinks are believed to be rich sources of acids in the body and their consumption should be reduced as much as possible. The general advice is that more vegetables and fresh fruits should be in a typical meal. Other causes of acidity are emotional stress, toxins and immune complex-mediated reactions.

Ph can be increased or rather acidity can be minimised in a variety of ways. Use of alkaline drops in every drink taken is one of the options. Machines for making alkaline water and oxygenating it are also available. Other options include use of baking soda in water, coral calcium or green drink.

There are a number of neutralisers that are being marketed currently. These have to be used with natural soap. Their mechanism of action involves a reduction of bacterial organisms and toxins that may have found their way into the circulation. The role of the soap is to cause the opening of skin pores and to allow the excretion of the toxins.

A special treatment referred to as Optimised Cell Membrane Potential to Prevent Cancer (or OCMP) is still in the experimental phase but the results obtained so far are encouraging. This treatment works by preventing entry of pathogens and toxins into cells. This is achieved through the creation of ion balance on the outside of the cell. A balance between the negative and positive ions promotes proper nutrient and oxygen utilisation. In spite of these advances, the relationship between ph balance and cancer requires many more studies to make many things clear.

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