Millions of Americans are struggling with their debts. Debts can add up and make the ability to pay difficult. This is especially true in the present time, if one is unemployed, underemployed and unable to dispose of assets to pay off rising debts. A bankruptcy attorney Warren MI is available to help consumers seeking some respite.

An attorney will advise customers about available legal processes to reduce their burden. These can put an end to collection calls. A qualified attorney will help you determine whether you should file for relief. Your counsel will know whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 U. S. Bankruptcy Code filing is the more suitable option in your case. A lawyer is also best placed to discuss alternative measures of relief in this context.

There are advantages and disadvantages for filing under each of these chapters. Alternatives to seeking this resort depend upon the individual circumstances of each case. The factors that can determine the available alternatives include income, the nature of personal assets, types of debts and debt levels.

If obligations are not secured, they are more easily settled out of court. These include credit cards and medical charges. The individual financial condition will determine in each case the flexible negotiating position.

Real estate debt is not an unsecured obligation, but it may be renegotiated without litigation. It is usually collateralized with a lien on the underlying realty property. Lenders usually initiate foreclosure proceedings about 3 months after mortgages are left unpaid in Michigan. But, since real estate market is in a deep slump, lenders may be willing to negotiate new mortgage payment terms. They may reamortize a mortgage, lower the interest rate, extend the payment time of a mortgage.

When consumers are not able to resolve their situation with an alternate remedy, they may need to seek judicial redress. In this case they have two options. There is Chapter 7 where their assets will be liquidated to pay off their creditors. But, if there is a desire to just reduce the debt burden through a different payment plan, then Chapter 13 which adjusts debt is the appropriate recourse. This is applicable when debtors want to keep their assets. Property can be retained, while overdue payments are spread into a more manageable payment schedule. It allows for a protection period between 3 to 5 years catch up with delinquent payments. Payment is made monthly to a trustee who distributes installments to the creditors.

After completing a required credit counseling session, debtors who qualify under the means test may file for Chapter 7 protection. Debtors who may file for Chapter 13 must have unsecured debts under 360,400 dollars and secured debts under 1,000,000 dollars. There are some debts that may not be discharged under either type of legal remedy. It is vital to know what these are.

Overburdened consumers are making the right decision when they reach out to a bankruptcy attorney Warren MI to better understand their available options. Customers are able to make an informed decision when they become knowledgeable about their situation. Resolving financial problems is beneficial at both an individual and economy wide level.

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