NFL2012 regular season game in the first eight weeks of the end of the final scramble away from home in the San Francisco 49ers 24-3 easily beat the Arizona Cardinals.

49ers quarterback Alex Smith, this is a nearly perfect Monday Night Football victory over the 49ers in the National League West Civil War, Smith 19 passes 18 times completed, promote the 232 yards, and sent three touchdown passes, two of them ЁC Michael Crabtree received, veteran Randy ЁC Moss also completed a 47-yard touchdown catch. 49 team is currently leading in the area of two wins, while they also gave the Cardinals 4-game losing streak. First half, Smith completed 15 passes 14 times, advancing 146 yards, two touchdowns and Crabtree, with the completion, to establish a 17-0 lead. MossЎЇ touchdown catch to help him and the Trail ЁC Owens tied in four NFL touchdowns list (156).

SmithЎЇs three touchdowns tied his career record, and his passing to the 10 different catcher, the Crabtree catch up, 5 times the ball forward 72 yards.

Originally considered poor performance strengths of the Cardinals defense in this nationally televised game, 24 points lost points of their opponents this season to get the highest score. They only Jay ЁC Finley scored a 28-yard free kick, to avoid division by zero letters embarrassment.

Cardinals quarterback ЁC John Skelton, 52 passes 32 times completed, promote the 290 yards. Cardinals ground attack only nine attempts advanced 7 yards. 49ers defensive league before the game, while the ground offensive defense ranked second.
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