There is no doubt about the fact that the site Craigslist gives you one of the best benefits in terms of marketing and promoting your business successfully and getting a constant traffic to your site thus leading a number f telephone calls and emails. However, the marketing on this site can really can cost you as you have to find your own time to post ads on a regular basis and on a manual way so that your ads go safe over the site. Preventing your ads from the Craigslist flagging and ghosting issues is really among the important step, which you need to keep in mind so that you play safe over this site. There are many users and your competitors who can be flagging your ads for obvious reasons. However, if you know the art of playing safe on this site, you end up giving you the right result. Let’s check the top 3 Tips on How to Avoid Craigslist Ghosting and Flagging in the following paragraphs:


1). Do post the ads spread over several days: As per your target area, every single post you put on the site would remain live for around 7 to the max 45 days. If you have a huge amount of products it is always a good option to form a schedule to spread out the posting of their ads in several amount of days. With this practice, you would be regulating the frequency on the posting and thus prevent the flooding over the site with the help of your posts, which is usually the important reason why the ads are flagged or ghosted. When you see your ads getting ghosted it simply means Craigslist simply gets listing of produces, however, it will not going to post it or make live over the site. Your ads could be ghosted if they have the same content on it or the same ad is being repeated too often in the next set. This will bring in these two issues so the only best Craigslist ghosting solution is to do as said.


2). Use multiple and unique IP Addresses: Another Ultimate guide to craigslist flagging and ghosting issues to play safe is to rely on unique IP addresses while posting the ads. This can help you in going safe. The fact of the matter is, if you have bigger amounts of products then make sure you stick to this rule to play safe.


3). Post the ads in random times and chalk out a right strategy for higher traffic days: Instead of posting your ads all the time or any particular time, you need to choose random times. Also, the higher traffic days should have a right kind of strategy and this will help to Avoid Craigslist Ghosting and Flagging