Jadaveon Clowney vs. Dee Ford 

If you missed Jadeveon Clowney run a blazing 4.53 40 yard dash on Monday morning, then you missed an impressive showing. Imagine a defensive end that is 6'5 265 pounds that runs a 4.5 40 running after you. He gives a dominant and tough attitude along with his athleticism as a big defensive player and that might solidify stardom at the next level. A lot of scouts think that Clowney is the real deal while some criticized his abilities. Here is a quote from Auburn defensive lineman Dee Ford:

“When I rely on my athleticism rather than bring the technical aspects, the fundamental part, watch film to become a great pass rusher, I become a blind dog in a meat market,” Ford said. “When I watch Jadeveon that’s what I see. He’s 6-foot-6, 240 and he just plays. But at the end of the day, does that make you a great pass rusher or a better pass rusher than me? No.

“We’re not saying that the dog can’t run. We’re just saying he can’t find the meat. That wasn’t a personal shot at him at all. It’s just fun, it’s competition.”


Unfortunately, Ford did not get a chance to go toe-to-toe with Clowney at the combine. After a statement like that you would hope to see such a battle. He was pulled from drills by the event’s medical staff for what Ford called “a medical precaution” stemming from 2011 back surgery to relieve a herniated disc.


Ford implies he should be considered to be drafted much higher than scouts think he will. “I’m better [than Clowney],” he proclaimed on that same interview on SiriusXM NFL. We shall see at both of the draft prospects' Pro Days at their alma mater.

Michael Sams Disappoints

All eyes were also on Michael Sam at the combine, though he didn't particularly impress in the drills, running a 4.91 40-yard dash and putting up 17 reps on the bench press. He once again didn't look particularly fluid in the on-field drills, standing up, and for the moment looks like a situational pass-rusher and special teams contributor. Hopefully, he can overcome the disappointing combine and contribute to an NFL team immediately next season.

DT Aaron Donald MVP Of The Combine

The day's big winner may indeed be University of Pittsburgh defensive tackle Aaron Donald, who impressed at every turn and may end up being the combine MVP. NFL..com's Matt Miller said one of the things that impressed him the most was his performance in the three cone drill. Apparently, he shocked a lot of scouts with unprecedented agility for a defensive tackle and impressed everyone with his athleticism. He also benched 225 pounds 35 times, which was one of the highest in this year's class. Most scouts say Donald is a second round pick, but after his showing at the Combine he may have snuck his way into the first round.


Obviously, the talk of today's action at the Combine is centered around Clowney. He did perform very well and probably proclaimed himself the consensus number one pick in the draft. The defensive side of the ball is becoming a high commodity in today's game which makes it so important to scout these defenders very closely. It will be exciting to see where these defensive lineman end up in the draft as we approach closer to the Pro Days and the 2014 NFL Draft.


Written By, Dedrick Hendrix


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