Like a woman's skirt in the summer, ray ban outlet sunglasses varied. However, the multi-colored sunglasses exactly how to choose it? They can, not only with your clothing with the same, and is closely related to your health, today coming to teach you how to choose sunglasses to suit their own color, immediately to learn about it!
Oval face the most appropriate wear wide sunglasses box type, make the face look broad sense of the length of the shorter face. Thin edge of the metal frame or frameless sunglasses, should not wear. v-neck type of clothing, long earrings and shaking, and a long necklace, will only further increase of the surface shape, but short Zhulian, round neck clothing and appropriate sunglasses models, while filling the long narrow oval face look more round to go up, adding to the beauty.
Cat's Eye? Round frame? ray ban wayfarer ? clubmaster? Which is considered retro? 2013 spring and summer, the answer is all. If the sunglasses are not really made of apple, Triangle, peach, heart and other strange shape is difficult with retro disassociate themselves, after all, the classic style has been adopted, the new design minority.
Beginning last year, designers keen to put on the sunglasses hanai 2011 spring and summer the major brand has even headed the classic patterns or seasonal popular patterns draped over his sunglasses on. prada minimalist baroque pattern loewe butterfly garden dolce & gabbana, ferragamo scarf printing, as well as chanel iconic tweed.
The rise of the round-framed glasses do not know how the relationship with the "Harry Potter" Anyway, the original style has suddenly become a hot election of the influx of people killed are not wearing and whether wholesale retro or fashion design ups have their own fans. If you're only in spring and summer of 2013 to buy a pair of sunglasses, you must choose the round frame, with them do not have a taste, Street beat the influx of people belong to you!
Filling the color of the 2013 spring and summer cheap ray bans sunglasses how might fall, we will talk about not only the colorful lens or frame, more color combination and innovation. Colored resin frame sunglasses is a popular choice in the summer, but every autumn editors began irony colored sunglasses not on the level designer to do this year is to make them shut up.