Do you hear that? That click and clack is the sound of pads and helmets on players going through training camp drills.

Listen closer, do you hear that beat as well? That beat is the sound of your in stadium DJ playing the music it takes to keep you the fan into the game. Yes ladies & gentlemen in case you haven’t guessed, football is here! You are just a mere two weeks away from the first game of the season. Yes it’s just preseason, yes it’s the Hall Of Fame game, but that’s no excuse not to get into the game and have fun!

The very first preseason game has the Miami Dolphins against our beloved new look Dallas Cowboys.  Are you ready? This game sets the stage for what many (or most) fans are hoping to be a comeback year.

There is a new Defensive Coordinator in town (Monte Kiffin), he brings to town a scheme (4-3) which he is famous for called the Tampa 2 defense. What is this scheme famous for you ask? Simple, lots of turnovers.

We also now have an Offensive Coordinator (Bill Callahan) to help Jason Garrett, so he can focus on bigger things.

Many sports publications I have read, have the Cowboys ready to contend for the NFC East title again this year.

My question to you the fan is, why not? As a team, management kept most of the roster in tact, fixed some positions that they felt need fixing, and set a new plan in place to put in action in effort to help the team. We have yet to see if the plan will benefit the players, or if the new players will help the team get better, but we will soon enough!

Two weeks, ladies and gentlemen. Fourteen days, and the helmets and pads will be clicking and clacking for the foreseeable future.

Are you ready?!

Passionate football fans will get what they enjoy so much, the loud crowd, the loud music, tailgating and football! As a fan who grew up idolizing the Cowboys, my most favorite part of the year is right now.

New players, new coaches, new schemes and a new version of our boys in the blue and silver are here! Let’s start the year off right, be loud, be proud and support our boys!

The guys go out and put their bodies out on the line for the love of the game, and for your enjoyment.

Let’s thank them by showing them how much we missed football! Fresh start for some fresh faces in a fresh new year.

Here we go!