The World Series Film is a tradition of sorts. Every year about a month after the season ends, MLB Productions and A&E Home Entertainment will relase the World Series Film. A Documentary highlighting the postseason that was and recapping the Fall Classic for that year. I love the World Series Films. I have every single ever made (except for 2009 which I'm still working on getting). I look forward to getting a new one every year, especially this year after the remarkable World Series we just witnessed a month ago.

The 2011 World Series Film is a great watch for any Cardinals fan or lover of baseball. It starts at the beginning of Spring Training and quickly recaps the Cardinals Regular Season before diving into the Cards PostSeason. It then covers the Cards run through the National League Playoffs before going into the World Series with the Rangers. Jon Hamm does a spectacular job narrating the film. One of my favorite things about the World Series Film is that since 2004 they have used "Celebrity Narrators" Celebrities that are fans of the team that won to narrate the film. It's a really unique touch and something I hope they countinue to do for years to come.

The World Series Film covers and recaps each of the 7 games from this years Fall Classic. I especially love how at the Start of Game 6 they go right to the momment where Freese is getting ready to his walk off homer, and just as the Lowe throws the ball toward home plate, the screen fades to black with an image popping up that says

7 hours earlier.....

Really cool way to start a recap of one of the greatest games of all time. The DVD also comes with a bunch of cool bonus features that include

Game 5 of the NLDS IN ITS ENTIRETY!!!

Last out of the NLDS, NLCS, and the World Series plus the celebrations that followed

and much more.

Overall the World Series Film is a great addition to any baseball fans collection and I HIGHLY Recommend it.

Now a Reminder. I'm having a contest right now where 3 lucky people will win a FREE copy of the World Series Film. 1 person has already won, but we still have 2 DVDS left to give out.

All you have to do is email me at [email protected] with the answer to the following question...

The Cardinals won 11 games in the PostSeason. Name the Winning and Losing Pitcher of each game the Cards won..

Good Luck!!!