Well, it's the moment the tens of us TWolves Fans we've all been waiting for... the NBA 2010 Pre-Draft Measurements are trickling in! Woohoo, let's check out the stats on these guys. Here are players of note. Remember, the Wolves have picks #4, #16, and #23. Odds are we won't draft and keep 3 first round rookies this year. Expect some trading between now and the end of the draft. My personal guess is that Trader Kahn does everything in his power to eventually land Evan Turner. If not... ugh, well then we are screwed. You may as well move the the team to Seattle or Vegas and spare us the pain and agony of yet another re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-rebuilding effort.

NBADraft.net 2010 Mock Draft

Draft Express Pre-Draft Measurements

Players of Note:



w/o Shoes

w/ shoes


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