Well, I hate to keep bagging on Boozer, but we have a problem, and it doesn't appear that he is attempting to remedy the situation. Let's be honest, 2 boards in 27 minutes of play at the power forward position does not cut it. 2 BOARDS! Rebounding, like defense, is more effort than skill. And it's plain as day that Boozer does not play with any effort. It is sad to watch. Sloan said "I wouldn't mind [him] rebounding . . . there isn't any rule against [him] rebounding. I mean, if you're just going to stay out there and shoot shots and not defend and not rebound . . . I thought, well, that we'd try somebody else." Well said.Hell, Deron Williams collected 7 boards from the point guard spot, and Milsap came off the bench and grabbed 13 boards. Where is BOOZER?

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