A couple things here at halftime of the Syracuse 33-19 opener with San Diego State

The Orange will never get any credit for anything. The argument is they don't leave New York. This year they start as far away as they could in the continental US and there are still excuses from the national media on twitter and the announcers on the game.

We'll see how much that wind affects things in the second half. I think that the 12 Saren Diego State turnovers had as much to do with it.

Also had to be really happy with the performance of CJ Fair in the first half, 11 points 6 rebounds a great start.

I thought MCW was a little over amped. I still think he's going to be the star of this group, but he has to settle down and just play his game. He had nine points, but didn't look sharp.

Rakeem Christmas continues to look more athletic each and every time I see him. 

I do think we'll get a better idea about this team in the next few weeks, but this has been a good start. Maybe the wind is going to be a bigger issue than I thought in the second half, but I'm not buying it yet.