A month or so ago, Brandon and I had a debate in one of our "Rumble In The Jungle" sessions as to whether or not the Boston Celtics should sign Delonte West. I took the side and said that the Celtics should not sign West because they had no time for his questionable mental stability.

My reasoning was simple: I don't mind giving someone a second chance, but once it gets to be the 3rd and 4th chances, you have to question if things will ever change. Delonte had 2 gun possession charges (in each of the past 2 summers), and he missed portions of last year just for random reasons. I related West to Pacman Jones in the NFL.

That seems to be a bit of a stretch. I am on the Delonte West bandwagon. In fact, I have been since he signed. Once a player signs with the Celtics, the flip is switched and I like them, or I will have their back until they continue to do negative things over, and over, and over again (Rasheed Wallace).

I know that training camp is just underway, and the start of the season is in almost 4 weeks, but Delonte is showing very good signs that things may be changing in his life afterall: (Via Paul Flannery - WEEI)

"I’m lucky to be here. I’m happy to be here. I’m a soldier in Doc’s army. Whatever he needs me to do. I’ll go to war and die for this team. Playing every game, every minute this year like my life depended on it, cause it [does.] Nothing’s promised." 

"I’ve been given this opportunity to prove to the NBA and the world that I’m a good person," West said. "I have a lot to prove and I don’t want to let anyone down. For them to say they want this guy back and Danny Ainge to say that, Wyc [Grousbeck] and the ownership and some of the players… that’s a high compliment. That’s something that you’re going to take to the grave with you. When you’re done playing you’ll tell your kids, 'Doc Rivers wanted me to play for him.' Maybe I’m not this quote unquote bad guy after all."

Those are some impressive words. Heck, he is even the very last player to leave the gym. Now there is the ultimate seal on my mouth. With that language he may be one of my favorite C's players by the end of the year.. We shall see.