SHOW #209 - Chiefs Postgame/Bills Pregame - TOPICS: (1) Who Cares Who Our Coach Is Anyway? (2) Chiefs Postgame....aka "The Kansas City Griefs" (3) Bills Pregame....aka "The Buffalo Wings" (4) Our Boneline Callers...ArchAngel, Dave Casper, Double Edge Raider, Heidelberg Raider from Heidelberg Germany, Jaime from Bakersfield, Joel from Cochella Valley, Lizard King from Connecticutt, NaganDaRaider, Raider Chad from Colorado, Raider Maniac from Central Illinois, Raider Ray from L.A., Raider Stutters, Raider Tatum from the Midwest, Raider Tim from Oklahoma, Raider TR, Raider Raul, Sean Dogg, Shonuff, The Leech, The Preacher, Tommy the New York Raider, and Virginia Raider. Call in to the Boneline and get on the next show...1-800-620-7181 Toll-Free

Running Time: 1:17:18