SHOW #238 - "The OTAs are Under Way"


Segment #1: Raiders News

We briefly touch on a few of the latest news items including:

"Shouts Out" to our listeners... QB Charlie Frye is now an Oakland Raider... Lane Kiffin saga continues... Raider Nation Celebration scheduled for 8/8/09 from 1-5pm in Oakland (details on

Segment #2: "Chucky Pops Off"

John Gruden gives his thoughts on JaMarcus Russell and the Raiders QB situation

Segment #3: "Like Rats from a Sinking Ship"

Raider Greg reads from a blog post made on by a Broncos fan. This fan thinks that the firing of Mike Shanahan and the hiring of Josh McDaniels will bring about the end of the "twelve year spin to nowhere", and is bringing "excitement and change" for Broncos fans. Then Greg reads some replies...