SHOW #237 - "The Raiders 3-Headed Monster"


Segment #1: Why Do The Convicts Always Come To Oakland?

With Michael Vick being released from jail, what team is mentioned by the media as the most probable team he may play for?

Segment #2: JaMarcus And His Bling

JaMarcus Russell was spotted by the Paparazzi during a night of partying. Raider Greg gives his take on this issue.

Segment #3: Cornholer Out, Gruden In (Monday Night Football Is Back)

Tony Kornheiser is being replaced by John Gruden on Monday Night Football. Raider Greg gives his opinion on this move.

Segment #4: Raiders Defensive Coordinator John Marshall

There was a recent article on entitled "Who Is Oakland Raiders Defensive Coordinator John Marshall?". Raider Greg thought the article was interesting,...