Segment #1: "Good-Bye JaMarcus Russell"

Only one topic today, and it's a big one. The Raiders cut quarterback JaMarcus Russell on May 6th, and our Boneline 800 line started ringing off the hook. Raider Greg gives his thoughts on JaMarcus' release, then we hear from the Raider Nation on the Boneline.

Segment #2: The Boneline (our toll-free voicemail line) 1-800-620-7181

Here are this week's callers:

01. Raider Dan from Tracy 02. XX Raider 03. Raider Mike from Pennsylvania 04. Raider Joe from Columbus, Ohio 05. Raider Jake from Iowa 06. Raider Josh "The Nature Boy" 07. Black Hole Lou 08. Raider 23 09. San Jo Raider 10. Raider Victor from Fresno 11. Black Hole Lou (2nd Call) 12. XX Raider (2nd Call) 13. The Troll in Chicago 14. Raider Damien in Placer County 15. Raider Mike in Chico...