Segment #1: "A-Hole Of The Month.....Javon Walker"

Raider Greg didn't like the comment Javon Walker made in an interview after being cut by the Raiders, concerning the large contract that the Raiders offered him when he signed. He tells you why he didn't like the comments.

Segment #2: "J-Russ Does Jenny Craig!"

In an interview with Greg Papa, Willie Brown....who although technically retired from the Raiders coaching staff is still involved with the Raiders.....Willie says that J-Russ has lost a significant amount of weight, and that "you will be surprised when you see him". We include the audio track of the interview here, along with Raider Greg's comments.

Segment #3: "Kamerion Wimbley Joins The Raiders"

The Raiders signed LB Kamerion Wimbley in a trade with the Browns, and...