Segment #1: "Javon WALKS!"

The Raiders cut Javon Walker. Raider Greg gives his thoughts.

Segment #2: "Love Me Tender"

Raider Greg goes over the players that the Raiders gave "tender offers" to in order to gain some protection if they are signed by other teams.

Segment #3: "The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)....Clear As Mud"

We try to make sense of the whole issue surrounding the NFL owners and players "collective bargaining agreement", known as the CBA. Raider Greg discusses what led up to 2010 being a non-capped year, due to the fact that a new CBA was not reached.

Segment #4: The Boneline (our toll-free voicemail line) 1-800-620-7181

Here are this week's callers:

1. Juan Jorge 2. Virginia Raider 3. Lil Raider from East Oakland 4. LouDog 5. ObiWan Raider 6. Bloodline...