SHOW #230 - "The Raiders BUST OUT!"


Segment #1: "Raider Marquis Cooper Missing At Sea"

Raider Greg discusses this tragic story of Raider Marquis Cooper missing at sea along with two friends. Greg also covers other Raiders and AFC West related news.

Segment #2: "The Raiders Bust Out!"

The Raiders are "moving and shaking" now, making some moves in free agency. No huge deals, but they moves they have made have been solid for the most part. Raider Greg covers the moves to this point.

Segment #3: "The AFC West"

We cover the free agency moves that our AFC West opponents have made so far in the off-season.

Segment #4: THE BONELINE 1-800-620-7181

We hear from 11 callers on our toll-free voicemail line, the "Boneline"

Caller #1: Jaime from Bakersfield Caller #2: "Raider Maniac" Caller...