SHOW #227 - "Tom Cable Named Raiders Head Coach"


Segment #1: "Tom Cable Named Raiders Head Coach"

On Wednesday February 4, at a press conference in their Alameda headquarters, the Oakland Raiders introduced Tom Cable as their Head Coach. Al Davis made the introduction and answered questions from the media. Raider Greg gives his comments on the hire.

Segment #2: "The Free Agency Market in 2009 should be GREAT"

Raider Greg discusses some of the players who will be available on the free agent market and who may be players the Raiders should go after.

Segment #3: THE BONELINE 1-800-620-7181

We hear from 6 callers on our toll-free voicemail line, the "Boneline"

Caller #1: "Raider TR" from deep in Steeler Country Caller #2: "Arch Angel" from Ctone Mountain, Georgia Caller #3: "Raider...