SHOW #226 - "Connecting The Dots"


Segment #1: "Connecting The Dots"

Raiders Senior Executive John Hererra says, "We have very specific reasons for doing it (filling the coaching vacancies) this way...When it's all done, there will be a very detailed explanation as to why we are moving the way we are...we're connecting the dots and we're doing things the right way...This is a very well-thought-out, reasoned game plan." Raider Greg gives his personal thoughts on this statement.

Segment #2: "There Is SOME Light In A Dark Place"

Some positive news that could happen for the Raiders. Inspired from an article by Jerry McDonald entitled, "Hackett Could Ascend". With Raider Greg's comments.

Segment #3: "VERY Special Teams In 2008"

A look back statistically at how SPECIAL the Raiders...