Segment #1: "Raiders Head Coaching Picture....Clear As Mud"

Coach Cable is staying! We think? After several weeks of speculation by the media, Coach Cable finally says in an interview that his position as head coach "has never been an issue". Raider Greg gives his thoughts. Segment #2: "The Raider Nation Needs Some "Emotional Rescue"

Raider Greg thinks that the Raiders organization owes their fans something to be excited about, or optimistic about as we prepare for the 2010 season. A short segment on this topic.

Segment #3: The Boneline (our toll-free voicemail line) 1-800-620-7181

Here are this week's callers:

01. Surface Raider from the UK 02. 'Lil Raider from East Oakland 03. Raider Tim from Oklahoma 04. Hardcore Adam from Bedford Indiana 05. Raider Jaime from Bakersfield...