Segment #1: "Team Of....Not THIS Decade!"

Raider Greg reviews the first decade of the 21st century for the Raiders, the "Team of the Decades". He says they weren't the "Team of the Decades" in THIS decade!

Segment #2: "Raiders @ Browns Postgame Review"

Raider Greg goes over the Raiders 23-9 loss in Cleveland, and says to him it was the Raiders worst loss of the season.

Be sure to see Raider Mike's YouTube video that covered this game, entitled "WEEK #16 RAIDERS VS. CLOWNS 2009" Here is the web address:

Segment #3: "Ravens @ Ravens Pregame Thoughts"

Raider Greg breaks down the upcoming final game of the season, and it's ramifications for the Raiders and the Ravens (and the Broncos!)

Segment #4: The Boneline (our toll-free...